Monday, January 21, 2019

A day in a life of an OSD Guru

Here’s one excellent presentation during Microsoft Ignite 2018 with Johan and Ami Arwidmark.
Although not a in-depth presentation, it really touch's all different themes about Windows 10 deployment, from the traditional scenarios to the new one’s, like AutoPilot.

Take a look here:

O365 – SharePoint + OneDrive Integration with Microsoft Teams

Here’s one of the best presentations during Microsoft Ignite 2018 that answers a lot of questions and doubts about what and when to use SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Office 365 – Office Customization Tool – Online!

Microsoft Office 365 is starting to be the “standard” version of Office suite all over the world.
For enterprises there’s always the need to customize this installation.
Sometime because you don’t want to install the all package, you need to install an additional language, configure the license activation method, etc.

For those with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Office Customization Tool it’s like “embedded”, for others there was the need to download Office Customization Tool.

Well, now you can create your xml file for Office 365 installation directly from the web!

With Office Customization Tool online you create and download the generated xml file to use with your deployment.

So, go ahead and give it a try here:
Microsoft Office Customization Tool

For more information about Office Customization Tool:
Overview of the Office Customization Tool

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Powershell Tips – How to know installed Powershell version

Need to know which version of Powershell you’re using?

As easy as:

  1. Open an elevated Powershell console

  2. Run the follow command:

  3. You’ll get a complete list of installed versions for each module:

Microsoft Modern Desktop Deployment Center

Preparing to deploy Microsoft Windows 10 and/or Office 365 ProPlus?

This will be the future (well, somehow the present) of Microsoft on the enterprise, specially with large-scale deployment.

So, embrace the modern desktop deployment with Microsoft Desktop Deployment Center.

In this Microsoft’s website you’ll find guidance with videos, planning, step-by-step guides and a lot more.

Find all the info here:
Modern Desktop Deployment Center

Microsoft 365 (M365) Documentation and Resources

After years of basically using the same tools, architectures and methods, Microsoft decide that the technology, and its flagship products (Windows and Office) were mature enough in a way that allows the change to a different approach to enterprise management.

There’s also the new world paradigm about security and the all-connected things that represents a new challenge to every IT admin.

This is why Microsoft 365 (M365) was created.
A complete end-to-end solution that and a new world of learning for the IT departments.
A new way to manage things, a set of new skills to learn, a new approach that when well implemented can be a dream for every IT department.

This is not an easy journey, for sure, and I’m also taking the first steps on it but from my perspective, I see a lot of things that will finally allow me to get a real in depth knowledge about my infrastructure.

Because the path to M365 can be an hard one, here’s a lot of resources made available by Microsoft in one single place:
Microsoft 365 Enterprise documentation and resources

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Troubleshooting GPOs processing with Event Viewer

Here’s a nice article, from Microsoft’s PFE Brandon Wilson, about how to troubleshoot group policy processing, mainly to understand if it’s slowing down the boot and logon process on a Windows machine.

Read the full article here:
TechNet Blogs - Ask PFE Platforms - Is Group Policy Slowing Me Down?