Monday, October 25, 2010

Windows 7–Optimizing Windows Remote Assistance Experience

At work we’re now migration to Windows 2008 R2 / WIndows 7 at full speed.

After some tests outside our labs, we’ve noticed that Windows Remote Assistance was getting real slow. Everything took a lot of time to appear on screen.

Then I’ve found out a Group Policy Object (GPO) that helped us to get everything more smooth and clean.

The policy it’s called “Turn On Bandwidth Optimization”

Access it through:
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Remote Assistance

Here’s the full description:

This policy setting allows you to improve performance in low bandwidth scenarios.

This setting is incrementally scaled from "No optimization" to "Full optimization".  Each incremental setting includes the previous optimization setting.

For example:

"Turn off background" will include the following optimizations:
No full window drag
Turn off background

"Full optimization" will include the following optimizations:
Use 16-bit color (8-bit color in Windows Vista)
Turn off font smoothing(not supported in Windows Vista)
No full window drag
Turn off background

If you enable this policy setting, bandwidth optimization will occur at the level specified.

If you disable this policy setting, application-based settings will be used.

If you do not configure this policy setting, application-based settings will be used.

We’re using “Full Optimization” option.

Fell free to give some feedback about your experiences with this!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Windows Live Essentials 2011 Launched Today!

Microsoft made available today it’s latest version of Windows Live Essentials (2011).

This version comes with the following features/software:

.: Messenger
.: Photo Gallery
.: Movie Maker
.: Mail
.: Writer
.: Family Safety
.: Windows Live Mesh
.: Messenger Companion
.: Bing Bar
.: Outlook Connector Pack
.: Microsoft Silverlight

Take a look, get more info and download the suite:
Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2011

Also, if you want to full installer (155MB) here’s the link:
Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 11 (Offline Installer)