Friday, July 29, 2011

Microsoft Windows Server “8”–Sneak Peak

A very quick look at the new Windows Server.

Microsoft has recently launched a video about it’s forthcoming Windows Server 8 operating system.
This 54 min. video talks about a lot of things with special emphasis to the new hype called…”THE CLOUD” since the 36:50 minute.

Take a…sneak peak at:
Realizing Your Opportunity in the Cloud

Monday, July 18, 2011

[Issues Solved] Network Configuration Operators Cannot Change Network Setting

When a user cannot do what’s it’s supposed to do…

Well…This week I was told by the field support team that their local user to change network configurations wasn’t working, and they were always getting the UAC window when trying to access the network adapters configurations.

After some search, I’ve finally found and tested an hotfix from Microsoft that solves the issues.

So, take a look at this article to learn more about it and download the hotfix:
KB2157332 - You are denied access when you try to open the properties dialog of a network interface on a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 even if you use the correct credentials

Monday, July 11, 2011

Steve Jobs Selling Tea? Nop…Just an Impersonator

I bet he would sell all the stock!

A Taiwan company that sells tea, decided to use a Steve Jobs impersonator to push up their tea selling on a campaign to win one Apple iPad 2 per week:

Steve Jobs impersonator

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Windows 8: Build 7989 – Features – SMS

With simple things…a stronger and more functional Operating System.

Well, it have been over the Internet an hidden feature on build 7989 that was found by a Windows enthusiast called Thomas Hounsell.

Although a lot of software with 3G capabilities could do this, it seems Windows 8 will have SMS Sending capabilities built-in.
Like I said, this isn’t actually rocket science or something huge but a “nice to have” feature. This little features can make a good difference.

Windows 8 Launch Marked to April 2012?

After a while without any news or rumors about Windows 8, there are finally some information/rumor.

Mary-Jo Foley, a well know journalist/blogger about Microsoft technologies has received Microsoft’s timeline for Microsoft Windows 8.
Although a project like this can always take a little longer then expected here are the “purposed” dates:

.: Windows 8 RTM – April 2012
.: Windows 8 Beta – September 2011 (during BUILD Conference 2011)

Well, there’s a lack of information about dates for Release Candidate timeline but well…let’s see if Microsoft says anything next days.

Moving a Server From One Place to Another Without Loosing Uptime

One of the most secret desires of a datacenter engineer! Smile

Here’s a nice video about some datacenter administrators that just didn’t want to loose the 7 years uptime of one of it’s webservers.

Take a look:.

Windows 8: Build 7989 Leaked…

Just take me time to read all..

Well, and after posting about a possible Windows 8 build 7989 leaked through the next week, I admit I’ve not read the next rss feed I need to step up with.

It seams the build 7989 was already leaked on a private FTP (Win7Vista).

And…search well because torrents are getting the hype! Smile

Windows 8: Build 7989 Screenshots Appear over Internet

Build 7989 Windows 8 Build 7989 about to Leak as screen shots Emerge ?

After some new revelations about Windows 8, two new screenshots emerged over the internet about build 7989.
This new build complete tag is 7989.winmain.110421-1825 and its integrated on the Milestone 3 phase.

This new images, one of the wallpaper and other of the boot screen makes almost effective that the beta launch may be reallt near.
We may see some leaks of this build over the torrents websites in the next days/weeks.

Build 7989 Boot Screen Windows 8 Build 7989 about to Leak as screen shots Emerge ?