Friday, January 6, 2012

Windows 8 – Windows to Go

The next big thing…if well implemented!

One of the features that I’ve always got curious during a lot of Windows 8 rumors was a feature called Windows To Go.
This basically it’s the ability to take all our “machine” or Windows installation into a pen drive or external hdd, put it on another computer, boot up the external device and start working just like we where on same machine.

Here’s a demo!

Windows 8 – Running on Microsoft Surface 1.0

Well…something few people would remember to do, but JoshB did!
He successfully installed Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview on a Microsoft Surface 1.0 system has shown on the video below.

He also stated that he had some issues using it on this large screen, but obviously this is a complete unsupported configuration and the objective was simply geek around this.

Windows 8 – A New BSOD errr…Metro Style?

Even BSOD doesn’t escape to the Metro UI “fury”!

It seems that one of the most infamous screens of Windows O.S. didn’t escape from the Metro UI “fury”.
The new Blue Screen of Dead (BSOD) has a more friendly look and including an emoticon.

Hopefully this is a screen that RTM users of Windows 8 will not see very often.

Windows 8 – Re-Enabling The Classic Start Menu

Back to origins!

Although the new Windows 8 interface has some lovers and some haters, most of the IT people I know that tested Windows 8 Developer Preview commonly says that Windows 8 without the classic start menu will be less productive for them.

Well, I’m included on that IT people and I wanted my start menu back, I’ve googled a little bit and here’s how to bring it back using a registry tweak:


change value of RPEnabled from "1" to "0" and restart.

This will make all metro UI to vanish. If you want it back just change the value again from 0 to 1.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Windows 8–Control Panel Metro Style

Metro everywhere!


Here’s a nice video of the new Control Panel on Windows 8 that, like almost everything else, will have the look-and-feel of Metro Style interface!

BUILD Conference–A Few Things We Didn’t Get To Show

The power of magnification!


At the end of the BUILD Conference last year, where Windows 8 was finally officially revealed, Microsoft has shown a slide (shown above) with a huge list of things that unfortunately Microsoft didn’t talked during the keynotes.

Well, Long Zheng from the iStartedSomething website using the “impressive” power of magnification revealed some interesting features not showed of:


Integrated load balancing – if you have multiple active network connections, Windows 8 will intelligently balance network traffic between them for performance

Stereo 3D video and gaming – would suggest native support for stereoscopic display output

Easy discover apps that support a language – would suggest Windows Store will allow browsing by language

Filter apps that are accessible – similar to above, for applications that are accessible

Start background – there will be the ability to change the Start background (not possible in developer preview)

Create Live ID in Windows OOBE – users whitout Live IDs will be able to create one at the Windows setup

Phone as Smartcard – the ability to use Windows Phone as an authenticator for login?

Communication over SMS on my PC – the ability to send and receive SMS

Native support to WIMAX and LTE


Windows Server 8 – Screenshots Leaked

A new “metro style” Windows Server (Server Manager)

This leak has some time but I didn’t spotted it ‘till today.
Microsoft it’s really committed to take their Metro style interface everywhere, so, Windows Server 8 it’s not an exception.

From the leaked image we can see a new Server Manager interface with a tiled look but behind it seems to have a “Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7” interface look and feel.

Hope to have some more info on what changes on Windows Server 8.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Windows 8–The New Bootloader and Secure Boot

Next step after years of old fashioned graphics

Everyone remembers from the old PC times of the black and white boot waiting for Windows to completely load up.
Some years ago, some colors where added to this boot but, with Windows 8, Microsoft and OEM’s achieved the next step.
The new Windows 8 bootloader it’s more visually appellative, get’s more features and adds a new secure boot that threat Linux users but also makes rootkits and virus to get a more complicated life.Alex Serban from wrote an excellent article that shows all this new things.

Take a look here: - Windows 8 Bootloader and Secure Boot