Friday, March 25, 2011

Microsoft Office 15 – Images and Video Gone Loose over Internet

After a very well received Microsoft Office 2010 Suite, Microsoft it’s obviously working in the future.

Last week, the Russian website has launched some images and a video of the codenamed Microsoft Office 15.

In this very early “preview” of Microsoft Office 15 (build 15.0.2621.1000 by the way) some of the most noticed details are:

.: General improved speed

.: Metro elements, used a lot on Windows Phone 7

.: Lighter look that replaces Aero for a new design also launched a video: Microsoft Office 15 Video


To know more about the new Microsoft Office: Full Review


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Think Quarterly – The Google’s Magazine

Well, continuing on it’s innovative wave, like always, Google as now launched something new.
This time, the are not really to geek ones..

Aimed for business costumers, partners and advertises, Think Quarterly it’s an online magazine launched every 3 months.

Read the first number here:
Think Quarterly
Think Quarterly (Mobile Version)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Final Version – Download Available

After a lot of testing and beta + release candidate time, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 gets available in it’s final version.

In a previous post, I’ve already talked about the new/improved features: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 RC – Released

To get the final version:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Final Version Download Page

Firefox 4.0 Available for Download

In my work, because I need to use 2 different proxies, I usually have 2 browser to play with.
After some time with Google Chrome, and also a lot of hard drive used for caching, I’ve went back to

Firefox.This week, Mozilla Foundation have launched a new version of its browser.

Some of the new features:
.: Better general browsing speed (due to the new JagerMonkey JavaSript engine)
.: Improved start-up and page load times
.: Speedy Web app performance
.: Hardware accelerated graphics
.: Cleaner look
.: Panorama view

So… a lot of speed improvements.

Download Stats
Mozilla also launched a website to monitor the downloads in real time.
Just remember that Firefox 3 had 8 millions download in 24 hours.


Take a look at: Firefox 4 Download Stats Homepage

Download and Info
Firefox 4 Release Information
Firefox 4 Download Page

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Monday, March 14, 2011

KMS Count is not increasing

Today I decided to post an article about a feature available since Windows Vista.

Key Management Service (KMS) it’s used to active the Windows licenses on an enterprise environment.
There’s some conditions that a machine must meet to activate through KMS.

One of the main things about KMS it’s the time/way it starts to activate machines.
On Technet Blogs, the Core Team explains the functionality of this service.

Take a look at:
Technet Blogs - KMS count is not increasing