Thursday, May 26, 2011

Windows Phone 7 – Mango Update – Some Features Revealed

Now that the phone industry has gain the taste for codenaming it’s update with food name…Microsoft has over 500 (yes…500) new features expected for Windows Phone 7 with codenamed update “Mango”.

During a developers conference in Japan, last 23rd May, Microsoft announced some new features with “Mango” update for Windows Phone 7.

Amongst them all, here are some of the key new features:

.: Multi-Tasking
.: Contact grouping
.: Threaded e-mails
.: Core integration of Twitter and LinkedIn
.: Merged messages across IM, E-mail, Facebook and more
.: Smart location awareness in apps and browser overhaul with the inclusion of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft also announced that this update will be officially called Windows Phone 7.1.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sony hacked again!

I’m an happy PS3 user but I’m starting to doubt…

Sony has launched again the notice, at least 3 countries had been hacked, including in Greece where 8,500 user accounts had been stolen/compromised but saying that they don’t think that credit card data had been stolen.

After noticing that the Greek Sony Computer Entertainment website had a security breach, the service was immediately stopped and remains that way.
Sony added that last week a security breach was also found on it’s Indonesian and Thai websites.

This news comes after Sony last massive online hacking attack that made Sony loose millions of dollars and also users, that started to migrate to other platforms like Microsoft’s XBOX.
Sony estimates that the previous attacks and this last ones will in at least $170 million of known costs.

This new info may also compromise the fully restore of PlayStation Network and Qriocity service that were schedule for the end of this month.

Microsoft Virtual Academy – Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals

Microsoft created a jump start program to explain what’s the Microsoft’s view for the present and future of virtualization.

The “Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals” Jump Start is specially tailored for VMware and Microsoft virtualization technology pros. This cutting-edge course features expert instruction and real-world demonstrations of Hyper-V, many components of the System Center Suite, including VMM 2012, and a myriad of VDI solutions. This course is designed for Data Center Managers, IT Professionals, IT Decision Makers, Network Administrators, Storage/Infrastructure Administrators & Architects. Expert IT infrastructure consultant, Corey Hynes, and Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Symon Perriman, leveraged an engaging "team teaching" approach which makes the class as entertaining as it is educational.

Each session it’s about 1 hour and after seeing the complete course, from my experience, I can say that I now understand much much better the virtualization concepts, and not just the Microsoft view. Corey Hynes it’s really a nice talker and “agnostic” about the virtualization concepts with no strings attached to Microsoft.

Take a look to the courses here:

Virtualization Jump Start (01) - Virtualization Overview

Virtualization Jump Start (02) - Differentiating Microsoft & VMware

Virtualization Jump Start (03a) - Hyper-V Deployment Options & Architecture | Part 1

Virtualization Jump Start (03b) - Hyper-V Deployment Options & Architecture | Part 2

Virtualization Jump Start (04) - High-Availability & Clustering

Virtualization Jump Start (05) - System Center Suite Overview with focus on DPM

Virtualization Jump Start (06) - Automation with Opalis, Service Manager & PowerShell

Virtualization Jump Start (07) - System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Virtualization Jump Start (08) - Private Cloud Solutions, Architecture & VMM Self-Service Portal 2.0

Virtualization Jump Start (09) - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Architecture | Part 1

Virtualization Jump Start (10) - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Architecture | Part 2

Virtualization Jump Start (11) - v-Alliance Solution Overview

Virtualization Jump Start (12) - Application Delivery for VDI


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Microsoft Hyper-V – Recommended Antivirus Exclusions

This it’s one of the important things to think about when configuring machines with Hyper-V role

Antivirus software it’s one of the “must haves” in almost every system.
Although this is true, for a machine with certain roles (Hyper-V; Exchange; etc.) it’s common and a best practice to configure the antivirus for exclusions of certain folders.

In this case, for Hyper-V, Microsoft’s has a specific Knowledge Base Article.
This may help a lot for increasing performance.

Take a look here:
KB961804 - Microsoft Hyper-V - Antivirus Exclusions

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angry Birds – Conquering Web Browsers

With millions and millions of downloads worldwide, Angry Birds it’s one of the most successful games for smartphones yet.

After the smartphone’s market conquered, browsers are the next target.
This week, Rovio Mobile (the Angry Birds game developer) launched a version, specially designed from Google’s web browser Chrome.

The game can be played has a Chrome App!
Like it’s Android brother, it free-to-play. Rovio has also stated that Chrome version of Angry Birds will have some exclusive features, such has, “Chrome Bombs” and “Chrome Levels”. The famous and useful pay-per-use “Mighty Eagle” will also be available.

Although the game is available through Chrome Apps, you can test it on any browser.

Try Angry Birds (Browser Version) here:
Angry Birds - Chrome Edition

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Microsoft Windows 8 – Installing build 7955 on VirtualBox

The next Microsoft’s operating system version it’s starting to heat the internet all the way.

After some minor leaks of the o.s. got spread over the web, we can now find a lot of information about what’s new.

One of the news source I use to know more about, it’s Neowin that already has a dedicated link tag for Windows 8: – Microsoft Windows 8 news

Well, yesterday I’ve decided to test a leaked version on my VMware Workstation.
After installing it I’ve noticed a BSOD (which now stands for Black Screen of Dead) and continuously reboots with now way to finish the install.

After some googling I’ve noticed a lot of people with the same issue and the most common cause reported was that VMware has not yet implemented ACPI 2.0 the right/most stable way.

So, I’ve download Oracle’s VirtualBox to give it a try. This time, no BSOD but freezes when installing.
Another quick trip to Google and found out a solution.

Here it goes:

.: Turn of the virtual machine
.: Go the the virtual machine settings
.: Tab Motherboard on the menu system and enable the feature extended “IO APIC”
.: On the tab Processor on the menu system, enable the feature extended “PAE/NX”
.: Next, on the tab Acceleration, enable hardware virtualization “VT-x/AMD-V” and “nested paging”

You will be now able to install Microsoft Windows 8 build 7955 on VirtualBox.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Understanding the Private Cloud

Has you probably may know, cloud computing it’s the new hype nowadays.
In fact we’re already using it in a series of services and don’t even “map” it to cloud computing.

.: Google GMail
.: Windows Live Suite
.: Dropbox
.: Etc

In the enterprises, on of the major gaps about Cloud Computing was the idea of having all/part of the company information outside their borders.
Thinking on this, Microsoft started to talk about Private Clouds. Basically, it’s the same the Public Clouds, but using your datacenter infrastructure.

Because this is very fresh technology it’s very important to know the basic and fundamentals of it.
So, Microsoft started to launch a series of videos about this through their Microsoft Virtual Academy program.

This first video it’s an introduction to Private Clouds but…also it’s a very good resource to know more about how cloud computing works in general.

Watch the video here:
MVA: Understanding the Private Cloud

Microsoft’s Campus Dining

Well, I remember when I first saw Google Campus at the 60 Minutes show from CBS.

The fantastic campus, all the good thing that the employees had, all the benefits and obviously the dining zone.
All that variety, the good looking food…

This week I’ve found a video (again from Channel 9) about the Microsoft’s Campus Dining.
There’s really a division inside Microsoft, called MSDining, that’s just dedicated to this.
Also here the Green effect it’s taken care, through composting and other processes.

I just can say that I also want a Starbucks coffee on my enterprise! Smile

Take a look:
Tour Microsoft's Campus Dining


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skype it’s Now a Microsoft Brand!

Well..after a week of gossip, it’s finally official.

Microsoft Skype

Microsoft acquired Skype for USB 8.5bn.

There’s not a lot of information about this but I believe this means that Xbox and Windows Phone capabilities, could be expanded by using the know-how and capabilities of Skype.
Also Microsoft’s Lync, Outlook and Xbox Live can take advantage of this acquisition.

Skype has at the moment 17 million users worldwide.


Here’s the official Microsoft communication:
Microsoft News Center - Microsoft to acquire Skype


House of the Future - A Microsoft Vision

Well, as you may well know, around the world there are a lot of “Houses of the Future”.
A lot of manufacturers have their own and Microsoft didn’t stayed back.

One of the most popular it’s the Bill Gates house itself. A lot of technology around every room.
But…Microsoft, also has a demonstration house, directly on Redmond Campus.
So…Channel 9 has published a video showing some of the things that you can have on your home in the next couple of years, and obviously some things that will never get out of there.

For me…I want that bedroom with the aquarium!

Take a look:

House of the Future–Microsoft (Channel 9)

If you want to know more about Microsoft Campus Tours, take a look here:
Channel 9 - Microsoft Campus Tours

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Finns Need to Know About Portugal some of you may know, I’m Portuguese, so…this is a different post from the usual ones.
Also, like some of you may know…this country it’s passing hard times because of it’s economic status.

Although the past week we’ve got an agreement with the I.M.F. the truth it’s that before the agreement there were a lot of speculation about Finland help.
There were a lot of people in Finland that simply didn’t want to help this country. Well…there is a new view video traveling the Internet about this fact showing that sometimes….we should look to the pass to understand the present.

Please watch it till the end, it’s…surprising:


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