Monday, February 28, 2011

Global Android Activations – From October ‘08 to January ‘11

People from Google likes to do funny things…
This time, a new video was launch on YouTube about the number of droid based smartphones that we’re activated since October 2008 to January 2011.

More then a stunning number of devices, most impressive are the graphics.
A cool world maps, you lights representing the devices, getting out of it.

Take a look:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 RC – Released

IE9 has entered on a new phase, now as a release candidate.
With a lot of good previews from the specialized press and developers, Microsoft it’s finally getting it’s software well tested before a major public release.

Here’s some of the new features available:

.: Hardware acceleration
.: Modern standards support
.: Integrated Windows 7 navigation
.: Tracking Protection and Tracking Protection Lists
.: ActiveX Filtering
.: Supports – CSS2D Transforms; HTML5 Semantic Tag: Geolocation; WebM)

You can can get some more information here:
Beauty of the Web

Download IE9 RC here:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Friday, February 11, 2011

MDT– Getting OS Roles and Features Directly on Deployment Wizard Pane

And what about to choose the OS Roles and Features you want to install during the Wizard Deployment, instead of using a pre-created Task Sequence.

This tip today it possible thanks to the people of Microsoft’s “The Deployment Guys Blog”.

They explain how to use OS Roles and Features the same way you can choose which Applications to install during the Deployment Wizard Pane.

Take a look at the blog to read the tutorial and get the files needed:
MDT Deployment Wizard Panes for Installing OS Roles and Features

MDT– Export Published Applications to Use Everywhere

Like I’ve told before, I’m finally getting up-to-date with all unread feeds I’ve in the past months.
So, here’s a nice tool from the great Xtreme Consulting Group.

With this tool you can export and share the applications that' you’ve publish on your MDT.

Here’s some export features:

  • Install command
  • Working directory
  • Supported platform and dependencies

All this exported to a PowerShell Script! Smile

Get more information about this tool:
Xtreme Consulting - Export & share MDT Applications (New Tool)


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Vendors - Keep your images up-to-date


If one of your jobs at the enterprise it’s the deployment area or keep your environment up-to-date and running there’s always good to know where you can get the latest drivers and applications for your machines.

One way it’s to go to the vendors website…
Other way it’s to go directly to the vendors catalog.

Keeping this on mind, here’s a list of some vendors catalogs websites:

MDT– Customizing Task Sequence Editor


I’m finally getting up to date with all the feeds that I’ve read basically because of lack of time to do it.

So…here’s a nice article from the “The Deployment Guys Blog” about customizing your MDT Task Sequence Editor.
This is particularly interesting if you have to do the same “job” on a lot of task sequences.

With this article you’ll be able to change the Task Sequence Editor GUI to add your custom tasks directly to the interface.

Take a look at the full article:
Customising the MDT Task Sequence Editor

MS ORCA – How to get it?

In my last article, to install HP Connection Manager, I’ve talked about a small application called ORCA that can be used to change MSI files and create MST files.

Like told in the article you could get it using MS Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows and .NET Framework 3.5.

Just to clarify the way to get the ORCA instead of installing the all SDK, you’ll just need to download SDK from here and just select to install Windows Development Tools