Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MDT 2013 Update 2 - Bug When Changing Application Command Line?

So today I'll talk about something odd that happen just yesterday.
I've published a new application in MDT and added it to my task sequence (TS).

After that I've noticed that I had to change the msi file name so just went to DeploymentShare\Applications, changed the file name and also changed the install command-line in MDT to match the new file name.

Basically the changes was from a filename with spaces to a filename with "underscores".
After testing the TS, I've received a return code error (1639 - invalid command line argument).

Double-checked everything and after looking at ZTIApplications.log file I've found out something strange.
It seems the TS for some reason didn't assume my install command-line changes. And it was running the command without underscores and with spaces:

So...for my surprise, and to solve this issue, I had to go to my TS again, select the application and the browse for published applications and select that one (Cirrato Client) again.

This solve this issue that I don't remember to see in previous MDT versions.

Hope this helps people having the same same strange behavior! ;)

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