Tuesday, January 17, 2017

MDT – Drivers & Selection Profiles –WMI Query Error


This week I’ve started to create a new Deployment Share and using Selection Profiles to install drivers.
After creating the Selection Profile for each model, I’ve started to change the task sequence where I’ve disabled the default “Inject Drivers” pass and created new ones.

For this, I’ve created a pass for each model and add a conditional install.based on a WMI query for model.


After this, when testing the new task sequence, I was always getting the above error.
Something look to be wrong with my WMI query but could find out why!

A lot of troubleshooting later, and really with some luck, I copied the query to a notepad and for my surprise, I finally got the problem!

Because I’ve copied the WMI query from a website, when I pasted it it came out with a wrong format. Basically, the double-quotes were in a wrong format!

So…the simple resolution?
Instead of copying the WMI query, just write it yourself and…your done!

Hope this helps! :)

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