Sunday, July 8, 2018

Avoiding the “Download language type features” Annoying Popup in Your Golden Image

You’ve created you’re perfect golden image, everything installed correctly, all the Microsoft hotfixes are installed, no missing drivers and…after a while you get a popup stating that you need to “download language typing features”…

Just to get things a little bit more frustrating, you’re machines are behind a proxy and cannot download this additional features.

This is a common scenario on enterprises, specially and foremost on enterprises outside U.S.

To strip out Windows from being a large ISO/WIM file, Microsoft decided to add some additional features with an “on-demand” installation. This means that some features that can be activated in the O.S. may need to download they’re source files from the Internet.
This happens if you want to activate .NET Framework 3.5 for example.

Now, to avoid this from happening follow the steps bellow.
Keep in mind that this is an example for enterprises with Microsoft VLS. If not an enterprise, the main difference is that you should find the direct download path on the CBS.log file also.

  1. First thing you need to know, is exactly which files Windows needs to download. For this one you need to take a look at this file:

  2. Now search for something like “Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-“. If you look closely to this log file you’ll notice that this file could not be downloaded or some kind of error.
    Usually there are 2 files you need. the “Basic Language” and “OCR” features

  3. Now that you know what you need, go ahead to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center website and download the following ISO:

  4. When you mount the ISO, you’ll find the files you need as a *.cab file.

  5. Copy the files you need and now you just need to had them to your golden image.

  6. To install this cab files you just need to run this DISM commands, like in this example:
    DISM /Online /Add-Package /’re done!

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