Monday, September 5, 2011

Microsoft Windows 8 – Mounting ISOs and VHDs

Another step from Microsoft that avoids 3rd party software installation

It happened with Windows 7 (specially on deployment areas) and it’s now happening again with Windows 8.
Microsoft it’s looking to what kind of software it’s a huge number of people installing, with special focus to software that enhances their operating system to work better.

A very good example from the past was the ability for Windows XP to open compressed (zipped) files and also to compress them.
Another example it’s the ability for Windows to burn CDs/DVDs without the need of installing any additional software for it.
In this new era where everything it’s getting from physical to virtual, also the demand for using physical CDs and DVDs are rapidly decreasing. Nowadays it’s common for a very large number of people to use ISO files and for a less number, but rapidly increasing, to use Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs).
So, most of the people has installed some kind of software the enables them to mount this files (special focus to ISO file).
A good example of this kind of software it’s SlySoft Virtual Clone Drive.

So…looking at this, Microsoft decided that it would be nice that their new operating system could mount ISO files and also VHD files.
They did the thing, and now they’ve launched a new video talking about it.

Take a look here:

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