Friday, September 2, 2011

Microsoft Windows 8 – Windows Explorer Redesigned

Engineering the new Windows Explorer

It was almost 3 months ago (in June) when Microsoft started to show off information e images about it’s new operating system codenamed Windows 8.
In this 3 months there was a lot of talking about metro-style UI, strange partition types, tablets and PCs versions, etc.

Last week, the information was a little bit deeper. New Windows Explorer images started to appear all over the Internet and some people where really happy,other not so happy, to see that the famous ribbon, that debuted on Office 2007, was now also everywhere on Windows.

Later, on Microsoft official Windows 8 blog, called Building Windows 8, there where a lot of details about how engineers at Redmond have redesigned Windows Explorer based on telemetry data collected from millions of logged sessions from a broad range of Explorer users.

So here are some sheets about what Microsoft has discovered. More detailed information can also found on Building Windows 8 blog:

Windows 8 Explorer

Windows 8 Explorer

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