Tuesday, October 7, 2014

VMware View - Mouse Disappearing with Internet Explorer 8 and PCoIP

Well, after a "nice" morning trying to troubleshoot an issue with a colleague of mine, finally the answer!

First things first...

The symptoms:
Some users complaining that when navigating on some websites the mouse simply disappeared.

First thing we've noticed was that using RDP protocol instead of PCoIP "solved" the issue.
Using a different browser like Google Chrome also "solved" the issue.

Changing pool settings like Flash Optimization, 3D Renderer, didn't do any effect.

Then, after a lot of searching my colleague found this article:
Mouse cursor disappears when using Internet Explorer 8 after upgrading to VMware View Agent 5.2 or 5.3 (2063083)

:) exactly the issue we had!

So, we've download VMware View Agent 5.3.2 from MyVMware, tested it and voilá! Problem solved!

Additional Info:
VMware Horizon View Agent 5.3.2

Hope this helps some people to loose less time that we did! ;)

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