Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle

Turning software ecosystem a little bit secure…

In the past few years, it’s my perception that Microsoft, and almost all the big industry players actually, it’s getting more concern about security issues.
The IT ecosystem it’s also getting bigger with the market getting more and more devices where security it’s a concern, like tablets and smartphones and also…fridges, microwaves,washing-machines, etc.…

And…because all this billions of devices run software (not only Windows, or Microsoft products by the way), Microsoft has a new team/division that was specifically created to allow developers to create more secure code.
They’ve also “created” a new discipline called Security Science.

The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle it’s all about guidance, tools/scanners/evaluators and information exchange about create applications that are functional and almost bullet-proof secure.

I believe that this is really interesting for all developers so, take a look:
Microsoft Security Development Lifecyle Website

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