Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs Retires From Apple’s CEO to Become the Chairman

A long wait decision happened yesterday.

One of the most iconic IT leaders of the 20th century decided to retire himself from CEO of the most profitable company in the world.
Although this was an expected decision it obviously shocks a little bit since Steve Jobs it’s one of the most respected visionaries of this times.
He made a fantastic job leading Apple to what it is today. Simplicity freak, controller, futuristic,genius are just some of the adjectives that could describe how Steve Jobs always saw the IT market.

About this stepping down from Steve Jobs, he limited to said:
“I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO.”
This could lead again to some speculation about Job’s health condition.

COO Tim Cook it’s the chosen one to get the things going and will take over the CEO position while Jobs will be the Chairman of the Board.

After this decision, and how expected Apple stocks plunged in afterhours trading, falling over 5 percent but the reality it’s that investors are not yet very concerned about Apple’s future because of it’s good performance and they believe that it’s market strategy it’s well laid out.

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