Saturday, December 3, 2016

VDISM – Easy WIM Servicing and Control


So…although you’re a geek and you really like to create your own scripts for managing your WIM files, sometimes you feel that a GUI app would be just great and it would really be a time saver.

Some of you may already know a tool called GImageX but from my experience I think this one its superior.

VDISM, available throungh SourceForge website, it’s a fenomenal tool with a very simple interface that gives you access through a graphical interface to all things you need for servicing WIM files.
It’s really really easy to use and so intuitive that you will probably will not use command-line anymore.


  • Driver Servicing
  • Package Servicing
  • Unattend Servicing
  • Windows Edition Servicing
  • Appx Servicing
  • Application Servicing
  • WIM Boot Entry Servicing
  • Append Image Servicing
  • Apply Image Servicing
  • Capture Image Servicing
  • Delete Image Servicing
  • Export Image Servicing
  • Image Info Servicing
  • List Image Servicing
  • Mount Image Servicing
  • Split Image Servicing
  • International Servicing
  • Provisioning Package Servicing
  • Default Associations

Go ahead and try this great tool: SourceForge – VDISM

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