Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Windows 10 – GPOs – Disable Windows Store

For a lot of organizations, the use of the “public” Microsoft Windows Store, is something that’s not viable.
They may prefer to use 3rd-party software for this because some management/distribution software already gives some self-service portal to install the certified and compliant software for the enterprise.

In other cases the IT department simply don’t want to allow users to install things from there.

In either cases, here’s how to disable the Windows Store app using group policies:

  1. Open GPMC
  2. Edit your GPO
  3. Navigate to Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components| Store
  4. Double-click “Turn off Store application"
  5. Select “Enabled

On the same folder you can configure the setting “Only display the private store within the Windows Store app" which allows you to let yours see only your private store.
With this setting you should not enable the “Turn off Store application”.

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